The solution

Have you even been so psyched about something that you felt this was the solution.

I have, lots of times. For example, the first time I touched ruby (on rails). I felt I had it all, I looked forward to finding a ne

w rails related job and living happily ever after.

Well, that would have been wrong on so many levels. Rails is not the solution, just a different problem. And don’t get me wrong, I still believe rails is great and you should definitely give it a spin. However there is a little caveat here, I did not know what problems rails was solving.

Yes, I had some experience in web development but I wasn’t experienced. Had I gotten into rails shit would have hit the fan. Why? Because I would have left the .NET world and I wouldn’t have learned all the wonderful lessons that it has to offer.

What I am trying to say is that every tool that out there is a solution to a problem (or a set of problems) and you will be a fool for using one it if you do not know exactly what problem it’s solving.

You will surely not need to implement Mongo DB if you haven’t faced the limitations of a relational database. You will most probably misuse the dependency injection technique if you don’t understand what coupling is. And you shouldn’t use Sass if you can’t write proper CSS.

There are lots of solutions out there, great tools developed by great minds, that can save you a lot of time.

But there are no short-cuts in life, you have to go the long way.  If you have not faced and do not understand the problem, a tool won’t help you. You’ll just continue struggling with the same thing on a whole new level.

In the end I would like to mention that I am no guru, I am looking forward to the day I say “okay, nothing more to learn here, let’s go rails”, however there is still a lot more I need to achieve.

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2 Responses to The solution

  1. Боби says:

    Евала за реализацията, че няма кратки пътища. Или по-точно че има, но те вече не са кратка версия на друг път, а нещо съвсем различно. Същото е и в планината.

  2. Христо says:

    So true! I love the question – “Which one is the best programming language?” The only one correct answer is “It depends, what do you want to do?” … still it’s easier to nail a screw with a hammer than to screw a nail with a screwdriver.

    PS: Nice blog, I’m happy it was recommended to me! Keep the good work :)

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