Why do I hate programmers

First of all I do not hate programing, I rather enjoy it actually.

I’ve been coding for a couple of years now and while I still don’t feel anywhere near competent I find that a lot of people feel they are. For some reason this bothers me a b

it, but given that one’s feelings about oneself are subjective I’ll let it pass.

I’ve started this blog in order to share my findings about the relationship between the programming bunch and their craft.

I just hope it doesn’t get too messy.

2 Responses to Why do I hate programmers

  1. S says:

    I am a controls programmer of almost 20 years experience.

    I hate programmers because

    1. They program
    2. They are very prone to overcomplicating things
    3. They are usually programmers because they they dont have the attributes required to get another job, often because programming is their first job and they have no references
    4. They are egotistical, thinking their way is the best
    5. They are always trying to standardise things but getting nowhere doing it


  2. Frank says:

    - ego-maniacs
    - “gifted” people
    - single-minded focus on technology versus a well-balance life of wide ranging interests
    - nerd-offs where two “gifted” people bombard each other with their tech knowledge until one storm offs or they diverge into a tangential conversion about gaming, conspiracy theories or how most people are stupid
    - the non-technical project manager that essentially becomes the time-tracker for the project reminding you five times a day how behind schedule we are
    - the non-technical CEO-type that calls a monthly “team” meetings to boost moral by forecasting all the “great things” coming down the pipeline as long as everybody works hard to keep him or her (usually him) living the easy life of planning monthly meetings while the cash rolls in and is dispersed to his senior management and next of kin

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